Division Carbonic “Seeohtoo” Blend

2021750mL 13%
Willamette Valley, Oregon

25% Pinot Noir, 75% Sangiovese   

Practicing Organic/Biodynamic

Carbonic Maceration

Strawberry, Earthy, Spicy, Mineral, Light-bodied, Dry, Soft Tannins

Food Pairing
Holiday Charcuterie 

Music Pairing
A Tribe Called Quest—The Low End Theory  

Serving Notes
Serve slightly chilled 

Wine Story

Division Wine Company is an urban winery in Portland, Oregon owned and operated by Thomas Monroe and Kate Norris. Kate and Thomas had been living in France and making wine between Loire, Beaujolais, Burgundy, and Rhone then decided to set up shop in Oregon. Division doesn’t own any vineyards themselves, but they only work with pesticide-free, organic or biodynamic vineyards, making wine in a natural, low-intervention way. What makes their wine so interesting is  how they are making classic Loire and Burgundy inspired wines with a slight raw natural edge to them.

Carbonic maceration is the magical extraction and fermentation of grapes via Carbon Dioxide (CO2 // Seeohtoo) (Get it now? lol!) This technique is most well known from traditional Beaujolais winemaking in which grapes are kept intact, whole cluster, and macerated with carbon dioxide, which breaks the skin cell walls down from an intracellular basis. Ultimately, this leads to softer tannins, more red fruits and more spicy characteristics in the wine. Both the Sangiovese and Pinot Noir are treated this way before aging in old barrels. Unfined, unfiltered and with a small amount of sulfur added at blending. Earthy and spicy Sangiovese meets fruity and mineral dense Pinot Noir! This wine has all the classic hallmarks of carbonic maceration, light silky tannins, strawberries for days and the perfect weight for summertime. Try it with a little chill, but definitely don’t forget a few pals to join you for this quaffable CO2 sipper. If you are new to the natural wine world, this is a great introduction to taste a bit of the funky undertones. Don’t sweat the sediment, it’s all part of the unfiltered beauty of this style. Label art created by the ultra-talented Minneapolis based artist, Ashley Mary.